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January 30, 2012
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     You cringed as you heard the bell that dismisses school for the day. You didn't want to go home, but you had to for your mother. 'What if he is there...? What if he came home early?' You thought to yourself solemnly.

     Walking with an emotionless expression to the front doors to exit the school, you accidentally bump into one of your friends. Immidiately getting pulled out of thought, you looked up at your friend and he smiled brightly. "Hello, [Name]! I haven't seen you all day."

     "Hey, Mr. Kirkland. That might be because I don't have your class this year, and all my classes are on the second floor. You also didn't show up for lunch today," you stated blankly. Yes, your best friend at this school was a teacher. He was your English teacher for the past two years, this being your third year of high school.

     "I told you just to call me Arthur. You don't have to be so formal all the time." He crossed his arms. An action he does whenever he is being serious, even if he doesn't look that way.

     "Fine, fine. How was your day, Arthur?" You exaggerated his name. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. A smile from him always made your day. It seemed as if he tried not to smile sometimes. Though, the only one he ever smiles to is you.

     "It was pretty good. It would've been better if the first years weren't so obnoxious and misbehaved," he said with a little annoyance in his voice. Annoyance directed at the first years. "You were so quiet and well-mannered as a first year. You always did your assignments and you were so kind to everyone."

     You remembered when you were a first year. On the first day you came to school crying because of what he did to you and your mother that morning. A few concerned upperclassmen led you to the counceling office for a counselor's help, or a teacher's. Arthur just so happened to be there and decided to be the one to help. Your instincts told you that you could trust him, so you did. You told him everything that your father did to you and your mother. What he was like. What actions he took. That he was abusive and an alcoholic. You were wearing a jacket that day with sleeves that went past your wrists to hide the bruises, scars, and a few cuts. You removed your jacket and showed him them. He was in a bit of shock. After a while of him comforting you, and the nurse treating the cuts, he checked your schedule. He was the teacher for your third period class. After a few weeks of him helping you and the both of you talking often, you guys were practically best friends.

     "It was nothing, really. I should get g-going..." Your voice trailed off a little nervously. Going home was the last thing you wanted to do. You were terrified of your father, but your mother was there. You had to be there for her.

     "Are you and your mum ever going to leave that place?" He asked, concern in his voice. He knew what you were going home to.

     "We've talked about it, but we need help." You looked down at the floor sadly. Where were you going to get help? The police? No. Your father would find out and try to seriously hurt or kill you and your mother... you couldn't take any chances.

     "I could help. I want to help. Tell me what to do." He was suddenly serious. You looked up at him, surprised.

     "B-But... I don't want you to get involved. He might hurt you..." You didn't want him to get hurt on your behalf. He was your best friend. You didn't want to lose him.

     "I'll bring support. One of my brothers has come to visit this month. His name is Alfred. We can come get you and your mother out of there. Just tell us when. You can come stay with me," he said confidently. You thought a little more into this. He left each morning right before you go to school. He normally came back late in the evening, sometimes midnight, and occassionally early in the evening. But that would give you and your mother enough time to pack what you need and get to an airport, or at least to Arthur's house for the night.

     "Alright... thank you so much." You smiled at Arthur and he smiled back. "I'll tell mum when I get home. I'll explain what we need to do tomorrow morning."

     "That's great. Hurry home and tell her, now."

     "I will. Thank you..."

     "No need to thank me, [Name]. I'll see you tomorrow," he said cheerily. You waved good-bye and hurried out the front doors of the school to get home.


     After about a fifteen minute walk, you arrived home. You walked inside, shutting the door behind you. You looked around the messy apartment. It was trashed from your father dropping cans and smashing bottles eveywhere. He also knocked over things like furniture and threw things around like lamps, pots, pans, sharp objects, and just about anything he can find in a bar or on the streets. You went to your room and dropped you backpack onto the floor, then went to find your mother. Finding her was easy, of course. She was in the living room as usual.

     "Hey, mum," you said brightly. You couldn't help but be happy about the help that Arthur was offering.

     She smiled and replied, "Hello, [Name]. How was school?"

     "It was really great today. I've got realy good news." You smiled excitedly at her, and she took this as you found help. What you both had been discussing on finding the previous day.

     "You do? What is it?" She asked, brightening up.

     "I've found help. One of the school teachers, and my best friend since being a first year, has offered to help us out. He is bringing his brother as back up. He just wants to know when. He said we could stay at his house. We could rest there for the night before moving on."

     "That's wonderful! I've been saving up what money I could get to get us plane tickets to move to another country, far from him. It should also be enough to let us stay at a hotel long enough for me to get a job, too."

      You both chatted excitedly for a little while longer. The time passed quickly as you two discussed what would be done and what would be taken with you. What little clothes you had, hairbrush, a pillow, a blanket, and other essentials. You both had the plan memorized and sorted out in what seemed like no time. Your mother noticed the time when everything was finished. You did too. It was almost midnight. After a moment of silence, you heard a boom come from outside. It was a gunshot. A shiver of fear went through your body.

     "He's back..." You both stated at the same time. You both got up, ready to run back to your room. It was the safest room in the house. It had the only door that would lock from the inside. Another, louder gunshot was heard and your father came loudly through the front door. He was holding a bottle of some stagnant sort of alcohol in one hand, and a glock in the other. You could smell the alcohol wafting from him. He looked more angry than usual. In fact, this time he looked absolutely pissed. That only made you freeze on the spot in fear. Your mother couldn't move either.

     He stumbled drunkenly over to the two of you. "Wha' are yeh two gawkin' at?!" He bellowed. You flinched. He chugged what was left in the bottle and smashed it against the wall, but remained holding onto the neck of the bottle, turning it into a dangerous weapon. Only the bottom half was broken off, leaving a jagged, sharp edge. He swung it at your mother. She didn't move, but she did flinch. She wanted to protect you no matter what. She was hit on her arm, leaving a large, bloody gash from her wrist to her elbow, and she yelped in pain. You watched as he shoved her aside and aimed the glock at you.

     "D-Dad! Stop it! Can't you see what you are doing!?" You yelled as tears started to flow. He simply slapped you across the face to shut you up. You lost your balance and fell against the wall. He aimed his glock at you and shot a few times. A few had missed... but a few hadn't. You held back a cry of pain, whimpering quietly when the lead pierced your right leg, left leg, and right arm. There were at least two bullets in your right leg, two in your arm, and one in your left leg. As both you and your mother lay there in a bloody mess, he left without another word, slamming the door behind him.

     'He's gone... this is my chance...' You thought to yourself as you stood up carefully, wincing in pain. You had only one thought repeating through your mind. Call Arthur. He'll help.


     You and your mother were packing what you needed frantically. Neither of you had a clue why he left or when he was coming back. You had just ended the call with Arthur. By the fact you were sobbing uncontrollably over the phone, he got the idea and was on his way immidiately. You were a little more composed now. In a few moments, you were done packing. You had only two pairs of jeans, a pair of sweatpants, three t-shirts, a hoodie, a jacket, and what few pairs of socks and panties you had. Your mother was still packing. It was hard to find what you guys needed in such a messy place. You grabbed your cellphone and stuffed it in your pocket, then slide the charger away in your bag. You brought your purse and bag down to the front door for easy access when Arthur and Alfred arrived to retrieve the both of you.

     You jumped a little in fright when you heard someone knock on the door loudly. "Hey, [Name]! It's me, Arthur!" You heard him yelling from the other side of the door. You smiled and quickly unlocked it, letting him inside.

     "Dude, wait! You didn't have to leave me alone in the car!" You heard someone call in an American accent. You saw a male with blonde hair that was a bit darker than Arthur's and had a cowlick at the front. He was a good bit taller than Arthur, too. You assumed that was Alfred.

     "Hey, Arthur!" You greeted him with a quick hug. You were so relieved and grateful that they showed up. Only ten minutes had past since you talked to him on the phone. He was at home, sleeping when you had called. He lives forty minutes away from you. He must've sped. Either that or his American brother drove. You turned your attention to Alfred. He was standing right beside you and Arthur, grinning brightly.

     "It's great to finally meet you, [Name]!" He said loudly and cheerily. "No need to worry any more! The hero and his bro are here to rescue you and your mom!"

     You couldn't help but smile and giggle a little at his optimism and goofy mood. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Alfred," you replied.

     "Not to ruin the mood or anything, but we should get going before your father returns. Where is your mother?" He asked when you turned your attention to your mother walking towards you all from the hallway, carrying her purse and two bags. She must have gone through a lot to gather up that much.

     "Here, mum, I'll help you-" You said as you began to walk over to her, but you were cut off by the American as he ran over to her, grabbed the two bags, and headed outside to put them in the car.

     "I'm the hero! A hero helps the damsels in distress with anything!" He exclaimed from outside. He came back in a matter of seconds and got your bag, then took it back to the car. You and your mother were left with your purses. All you could do was watch him. He was rather determined.

     "Let's go. You can stay the night at my house. Actually, you can stay as long as you need," Arthur said as he lead you and your mother out to his car.

     You smiled at him and said, "Thank you Arthur. Thank you so much. And thank you too, Alfred." You were so happy to finally get out of that hell hole. You felt safe for the first time in years.

     Once you and your mother got in the car, the tall blonde said, "No need to thank the hero! I'm just doing my job!" He winked at you, making you giggle again. Arthur got in the driver's seat and started the car. You couldn't help but smile more as you got farther from the old, messy apartment. Staying away for good.
EDIT:: About the part where you got shot. That is brought up in the NEXT chapter. They were in a hurry to get you guys out of there and you are a tough chick. Plus it had been enough time for you to get relatively used to the pain. o3o DON'T QUESTION. OTL Sorry 'bout that...

Here is the first chapter to "Raise Your Weapon"!
:iconcryforeverplz: This story is already so angsty. I put my heart and soul into it, but I feel like it could have been way better.
I hope you guys like it! You guys can go ahead and guess who you are going to be paired with. Here's a hint: the title.
Take note that I said you guys can guess. I never told you that I wasn't going to say if you are right or wrong, but I will tell you if they are in the story. This is only the first chapter. o3o The next chapter will probably be the one where the character you will be paired with is obvious.

This was inspired by the song "Raise Your Weapon" by deadmau5. LISTEN TO IT: [link]
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